Horsham Wedding Photography Prices

I like to be very very open about my pricing and have included as much information as possible to help you make your decision. I am definitely not the most expensive photographer but am also not the cheapest. I do believe I offer great value for money.

Every single image is very carefully edited and thoroughly checked to ensure you get outstanding photographs.


Bridal Preparations photography – £150-£200

Bespoke Acrylic, Metallic or Italian hand crafted leather Wedding Albums – prices from £350

Second Photographer – £150 -£275

Guest Book – the guest book option makes signing the guest book enormous fun! We photograph and print a photo of every guest, on the spot , using a portable studio and printing facility, which the guests then stick into your guest book and sign. – £450

*Photograph selections for small pocket photobooks and the larger coffee table books and prints are chosen by the photographer

Horsham Wedding Photography Prices

An enormous range of albums, print sizes, special papers are available of course.

A full “Photoshop” beauty enhancing service is available for skin-toning, wrinkle smoothing etc. Please call or email for further information.

Horsham Family Portrait Photography Prices

Prices for portraits start for just £199 for a location of your choice. And you get a private online gallery to order the prints of your choice. Please note that this is very much an “all in” package and also includes 3 times 10×8 or 10 9×6 or 20 times 7×5 or 6×4. What is does NOT include is a visit from a salesman trying to get you to pay £10 for each print!

There are three things to consider when looking at prices.

  • The only person you are paying to be there for more than a few hours is the photographer
  • The only record of your wedding to show your kids and grandchildren are the photographs
  • Look for the ability of the photographer to empathise with you, to listen to you, to show they really really care about one of the most important days in your life