Wedding Photography Horsham Sussex.

Wedding Photography Horsham West Sussex. Beautiful, simple, stunning wedding photography, by local Horsham Photographer Guy Sherlock.

How do you choose a wedding photographer? Have a good look at the pictures, few of them required any effort from the bride and groom. You want to remember your wedding and not a photo-shoot! Some might call my style as “documentary wedding photography” or “reportage wedding photography”. I tend to be in the background capturing your story. And not just for you, but for generations to come. The only thing you will be able to show your children and grandchildren in later years will be the photographs. I know our kids love looking through mum and dad’s old wedding album!

I also believe its important to take some formal shots as required. Most couples want me to take some group shots with their friends, parents and wider family.  This need not take long, perhaps only 20 minutes as several years of experience means I can quickly accommodate your requirements.

As a Christian Wedding Photographer, I do hold a special affection for traditional church weddings. There are some beautiful old local churches which are wonderfully romantic places to get married in.

Around half of my shots are in black and white. I just love the feel that only black and whites can give but only when it really works.

Brides and and Grooms have often greatly thanked me at the end of their day for all the help and support  I gave.  Weddings are my business and having me there, in the background, who knows what is going on and is very confident in what they are doing, is very useful at times! It has been said many times that the only people that are paid to be there for the duration of your entire wedding are the photographers.

So you need to know that firstly they can do the job and secondly you get on well with them. In addition I would say that given that this is likely to be the most special day of your life you need to have the confidence that your day will be photographed by a professional. I know it sounds obvious but the number of times I have been asked by a distraught bride-to-be at the very last minute to stand in for the “friend” or relative that promised them they could do the photography for nothing is silly!! So the importance of choosing a wedding photographer cannot be underestimated, its more than being able to take great photographs.

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Wedding Photography Horsham West Sussex